Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics

(AUTONOMOUS) Affiliated to University of Mumbai

NAAC Reaccredited 'A' Grade, CGPA: 3.57 (February 2016)

Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science & Amrutben
Jivanlal College of Commerce and Economics

(AUTONOMOUS) Affiliated to University of Mumbai

NAAC Reaccredited 'A' Grade, CGPA: 3.57 (February 2016)

Student's Council

The Students’ Council of Mithibai College is the apex committee among all the committees/ associations of the college. It consists of student members from each class, right from FYJC to PG. The Convener of Students’ Council is Dr. Mahesh Bhagwat.

The Students’ Council performs following functions:

  • A platform for students raise issues and grievances
  • Organisation of College days and Annual Days
  • Organisation of the Degree Distribution Ceremony
  • Organisation of Prize Distribution Ceremony
  • Works in coordination with all Committees and Departments.
  • Organizes other events.

A unique initiative by Mithibai College

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend among the students of higher education to enrol in institutions that are away from their home. They do this in search of better facilities and quality of education. Due to its high rank at the regional and national level among higher education institutes, Mithibai College is a favourite college for students not only from Mumbai, but also from all over India. Hence, a large number (approximately 500) students take admission in Mithibai College for various Courses.

Problems faced by outstation students
The outstation students stay as paying guests or in hostels, away from their home. They get the opportunity to visit their hometown only during vacations. It is observed that the outstation students face several issues of adjustments and adaptation to their new environment. There are concerns about their security and safety, emotional ups and downs due to homesickness, etc. As there is no one close enough to share their problems, outstation students find it difficult to adjust at times. Issues of adjustment at times affect their academic performance, too.

Concept of Home Away from Home
Mithibai College not only recognised this problem, but decided to address it in a systematic manner. Under the guidance of Principal Dr Rajpal Shripat Hande, the Students’ Committee of Mithibai College initiated a unique activity for the outstation students- HOME AWAY FROM HOME. A meeting of outstation students was organised on 21 September 2018. The name of this unique activity was suggested by Dr Rajpal Shripat Hande.

Features of Home Away from Home
The Home Away from Home programme will focus on three aspects: emotional issues, academic performance, and safety of outstation students. Student members of the Students’ Committee are involved in this programme. Teacher members of the Students’ Council will do overall monitoring.

Role of the Students’ Committee
Dr Rajpal Shripat Hande has entrusted the Students’ Committee the task of being a bridge between the outstation students and the College. The Committee will make sure that it provides emotional support and a safe environment to study in. The outstation students will be provided important information about police stations, hospitals, railway network, etc. For this, groups of 5 outstation students each are made with one Students’ Committee member as a mentor. The mentor will remain in constant contact with the outstation students in the respective group. The mentor will respond to the queries and issues faced by the outstation students. Student Members of the Students’ Committee have collected details of the outstation students which would be used for further communication.

The year concluded with the Degree Distribution Ceremony that was enhanced by the presence of our beloved Principal, Dr. Rajpal Shripat Hande, who addressed the audience with his wise words. The students left the college as graduates with memories engraved in their heart, this ceremony being one of them. There were tears of joy, farewell and closely knitted emotions that came back to life that day. This event was one of the most memorable and thoughtful as it left everyone with a message, that no matter how old one grows, home is home. Mithibai College served to be that home.

On 22nd of January, 2019, Mithibai College celebrated its 57th Annual Day Function. The ceremony highlighted the laurels and achievements that the Mithibai community brought home. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the invited dignitaries then they were presented with saplings as a token of appreciation. This event owned the limelight as it was a showcase of talent, endurance, hardwork and determination. From a comical skit to a sensational fashion show to a graceful dance performance and a mellifluous musical act, this show was a combination of light, colours and laughter. This event also took to awarding and appreciating the students for their hardwork and determination. It set a remarkably high benchmark in the history of this college.

Mithibai’s very innovative College Days stole the show with the participation of its very own show-stoppers. Several days were clubbed together. It set off with Twinning and Chocolate Day, a day where true brotherhood, friendship, unity was shown with an informal sweet touch. Traditional day emphasized the rich culture and heritage of our own nation which was supported by the distribution of roses among its citizens along with an awesome time with a DJ! These important values were lightened by a Teacher-Student Swap Day where the students took the efforts to be a teacher who addressed a class that was full of notorious students. It highlighted the challenging task of being a teacher. These were followed by a Fun Fair Day that was made purely for the students. With a huge range of games and varieties of food, this event took to lighten and brighten everyone’s day.
Lastly, the Thanksgiving Day was organised where Students took this day to thank the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff followed by a performance for the day. This day was to appreciate each and every soul that played a major part in bringing Mithibai College where it stands today!

Mithibai College Students’ Council and Mithibai Alumni Association jointly organised their first ever Raas Garba on October 27, 2018. Together, more than 1200 Alumni and students participated.
The occassion of Raas Garba was enhanced by the authentic Shehnai and Dhol by Iqbal Saraiya and group which was a perfect setting for the audience.

Principal, Dr. Rajpal Shripat Hande, and prominent alumnus Mr. Ketan Shah, gave a speech that left the audience roaring. Mementos were presented to the Dignitaries by the Principal. Prizes for ‘The Best dressed’ and ‘The Best Dancer’ were given to the winners. Raas Garba was graced by MLA Mr Amit Satam. Other dignatories who visited the event were, Mr Sunandan Divatia, Secretary, SVKM, Mr. Kirit Mehta, Mr. Rajubhai Shah, and Mr. Deven Choksi.

It was not only a memorable event but left a remarkable impact as a trendsetter. The event was, indeed, one of Mithibai’s finest.

Students’ Council 2022-23 

  1. Mr. Gorakhnath Uttekar (Convener)
  2. Mr. Mansoori Sajid (Co-convenor)
  3. Ms. Muzna Shaikh
  4. Mr. Mandar thakur
  5. Mr. Jaison Thomas
  6. Mr. Pankaj Kataria
  7. Dr. Prajakta Sarang
  8. Dr. Nidhi Thakur
  9. Dr. Satish Ingale
  10. Ms. Khushali Adhiya
  11. Mr. Nilesh N. Korgavkar
  12. Mr. Mohammed Azam Shaikh
  13. Mr. Shagnik Saha
  14. Mr. Badal Pareksh
  15. Mr. Rohan Korgavkar

List of Students’ Council (2022-23) members and position holders

President– Sanya Vij

General Secretary– Khyati Ramkrishnani

Joint Secretary– Vanshika Shah

1. B.A. & B.M.M FYBA Rida Sonawane B084 40310220131
2. SYBA Vidhi Parikh A066 40310210027
3. TYBA Jiaa Goradia B140 40310200138
4. SYBMM Shivangi Jaipura A017 40319210031
5. B.COM FYBCOM Dinkel Gogri B040 40311220191
6. FYBCOM (H) Arko Chakravorty J066 40318220197
7. SYBCOM Khushi Shah E032 40311210072
8. SYBCOM Heet Lavari D082 40311210646
9. TYBCOM Sanya Vij D083 40311200011
10. TYBCOM Nimisha Bohra F012 40311200505
11. B.M.S , B.F.M , B.B.I. , B.A.F. FYBBI Suraj Kr. Gupta A046 40309220078
12. SYBBI Garima Saraf A039 40309210026
13. SYBAF Aaria Gilani A012 40307210051
14. SYBBI Megh Parekh A034 40309210028
15. SYBMS Aman Choudhary A015 40401210027
16. TYBAF Ananaya Jolly A020 40307200044
17. B.Sc FYBSC Aleesha Arora C054 40322220012
18. SYBSC – CS Duvesh Punjabi D062 40315210054
19. TYBSC – CS Shoyab Siddique D134 40315200062
20. PG M.A. PART 1 Kruti Kapadia A021 40520220022
21. M.A. PART 2 Jaclyn Rocha A019 40520210021
22. PG M.COM PART 2 Shivani Rana A008 40523210012
23. PG M.Sc PART 1 Ishani Chotai K002 40517220003
24. M.Sc PART 2 Shubham Mishra C003 40504210004
25. Ph.D. Shivnetra Rampalli 40601190002
26. SYJC ARTS Alifa Vakil C046 40101210270
27. SYJC COMMERCE Varin Gada H018 40104210008
28. SYJC SCIENCE Vidhaan Dharia H047 40102210123
29. FYJC SCIENCE Vanshika Shah C082 40102220318
30. NCC TYBSC Aniket Thakur A041 40312200258
31. NSS TYBCOM Nidhi Kela C097 40311200123
32. DLLE TYBCOM Anubhav Baser A022 40311200880
33. CULTURAL TYBCOM Ojasvee Singhal E100 40311200619
34. SPORTS TYBA Nazafreen Palia B035 40310200279
35. ROTRACT TYBCOM Jash Mayank Shah D049 40311200526
36. PRINCIPAL’S NOMINEE TYBSC – CS Khyati Ramkrishnani D124 40315200004
37. PRINCIPAL’S NOMINEE FYBA Soumya Dilwal C018 40310220323

Sanya Vij

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